Employee Payroll

Employee Payroll PAYE services

Taking away the worry and stress of your employee payroll and compliance with regulations

Being an employer you’ve got plenty of employee payroll related obligations and accompanying reporting needs to the HMRC. This can take your focus away from business development and growth. This can be overwhelming at times which could slow down business and have a domino effect on all aspects of your business including your PAYE, that is the employee payroll every week or month.

Let Miranda Management and Accountancy Services Ltd Ltd takes care of all your worries relating to payroll. On handing over your employee payroll to us, you can be rest assured that it now taken care of leaving you with time on your hands to deal with important aspects of your business. 

A comprehensive and flexible payroll service

Employee Payroll Services

At MMAAS LTD the payroll service provided to you is fully managed and outlined to meet all your desired requirements from weekly, monthly processing to year-end reporting and auto enrolment services. Our payroll service consists of four core aspects:

Setting up your Employee payroll – PAYE

  • Carrying out a consultation to understand your specific needs
  • Transferring all of your current employees to our dedicated software
  • Agreeing with the approval process and payroll timetable

Processing your Employee payroll

  • Carrying out a payroll run and updating any changes within the given period – including any new starters or leavers
  • Creating personalised pay and deduction reports to be approved by you
  • Catering for any payment method convenient for your business
  • Sending payslips to your employees by default via email and/or by post if required
  • Satisfying all of HMRC’s RTI Reporting requirements
  • Providing you with constant support from our in-house experts

Year-end reporting on your employee payroll

  • Preparing and submitting a final Full Payment Submission to HMRC
  • Producing and despatching your employees’ P60s
  • Assessing any required changes to tax and give you advice on how you can manage taxes efficiently

Providing useful management information

  • Providing you with reports on overtime, commissions and bonuses
  • Controlling the administration of holidays for your employees
  • Helping you to save money through the implementation of a salary exchange arrangement
  • Automatically transferring your salary detail to our personal tax software where appropriate

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